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If as Alba Rico suggests we have replaced the classic space of the ágora or the square with the contemporary space of the terminus of the airport, are before a gangplank of constant happen from images that we consume without pause. The architecture in image is today a product of the marketing and therefore of easy consumption.

We eat images of architecture, the abundance and the progressive “espectacularización” of the architectural photography makes us devoid of a critical pause. It seems that the image of the architecture has taken the same way and has adopted the same formulae of “estetización” radically of the own architecture to turn into “imaginary” product.

When did the image become an esential element of the gaze? Ivan Illich | robbbeck.wordpress.com

We are led to living in an eternal fiction based on representations of everything what surrounds us. In the same way as we speak about the loss of spaces in favor of the time, we might expose that the image turns into representation of experiences that already do not exist. Do we represent fictions?, have we turned the building photography into mere publishing goods?


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