Eccentric looks. Forced genealogy, urban sinks and extreme cities.

Eccentric looks he proposes unviaje along different situations, to understand the complex urban reality that governs the processes of growth with sustainable bases at present. A task probably inabarcable, but with the decision to plan a tour forced by the different urban sinks. A tracing that allows grafiar different examples that begin to populate the superficial bark of the planet. A territorial waterproofing led to the end of a growth already in routes of depletion. There develops a constant dialog of intentions, which cross examples in diverse positions in the extreme cities, showing situations of easier assimilation for a phenomenon of political appropriation, to which it is answered, from the architecture, in a complaisent way.

The tour begins in the event, as construction or destructive event of the architecture and the city. The celebration and the destruction, the ecstasy and the failure govern the political processes of evolution of the city. The presence of a tardocapitalismo in phase of depletion that dominates the public space, shows symptoms of weakness and reproduces to if same before falling down in the claws of the death. A system that it needs of continued renovations not to put in check to if same.

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