MEXTRÓPOLI | Ethel Baraona + Iker Gil

Conversation with the architects and publishers Ethel Baraona (Barcelona) and Iker Gil (Chicago) celebrated in MEXTRÓPOLI’s frame | The First Festival of Architecture and city that developed in city of Mexico of March 22 to March 26, 2014.

Ethel Baraona | Barcelona | Architect and blogger
Arquitecta, critique, bloguera and Spanish healer. She is a co-founder of the independent publishing house DPR-Barcelona and publisher of Quaderns. Thanks to his philosophy of learning based on the liberation of contents, his work can be in the blogs and the most relevant magazines of architecture. Together with César Reyes Nájera, she was a healer of 3er Think Space’s program with the topic Money.

Iker Gil | Chicago | Architect
Architect and town planner; the director of MAS Studio. Some of his more recent projects are Marina City’s residential units; the front identitaria of the Institute Cervantes of Chicago and Cut. Join. Play., that gained the first prize of Architecture for Humanitarian Streets in Chicago and there was exhibited as part of the pavilion of The United States in 13 ª International Biennial show of Architecture of Venice.

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