Central market of design, a bet for the culture and the leisure

From October one comes celebrating Central Market of Design in collaboration with Dimad in Slaughter house of Madrid.

It has turned into a monthly meeting that it has as aim bet for the design and the art more avant-gardists and for the tailors, jewelers, industrial designers, interior desinger, illustrative … natives with more ingenuity and projection.

They have defined us as a Market of Talent or as one of the defenders of the Spanish design.

In our aim to last and be a stable platform to support the design, we have already established the first weekends of every month until September: On June 7 and 8, July 5 and 6, September 6 and 7, October 4 and 5 and 1 and 2 November, with free entry and with schedule from 11 to 22 hours.

In addition, we encourage the summons with other activities of leisure and hotel and catering business, principally Concerts and workshops. You can consult the schedule.

During the summers-autumns months we will possess in addition a space of terrace extended in the central street of the Slaughter house where we will have more exhibitors, concerts and a varied offer of hotel and catering business.

This month we possess 102 exhibitors: T-Sir, Depeapa, POLARITÉ, YIYI GUTZ, Fauna y Flora, Kotte, Bonaespina, Antonella colla jengibre made with love,MITETA, Andrés Sierra, Lord wildmore, Lgc joyas, Carla con C, La ortopedia del Manco, Nogorro, Mi Clo, MANDA unchained, Kaif , Mude desing, lanthane, MIGAYO, Emo Diaz, Rebeca Khamlichi, Elena Mir, CAQUILALA, NIDO, Elsuso, Susana espiauba, Casual Irreal, CARS AND FILM , CUIDA TU BARBA, Ailana, Pale Swim wear, CROQUERAS HUMBBLDT , Borja Banos, BRZ wood desing, C’UP, Steak Cruisers, Daniel Boss, Ro:F, The Talarian, Nina quiche /Alohe , Long days , Becker and CO, Feel flow design, Los Pardos, Mora Efron, Costalamel, BE KIND, Maguma, Yono Taola, N23, Fürniboard, Pakita Clamores, Sicnova, Mari Make Art, ENOLA, Julieta Alvarezm, Nansa, Paula franco, Encuire, Moniquilla, ELE.A STUDIO, Fabrica de Texturas, Pepito&Co, BLUEDALEWE ARE , BOLD , HERMANAS BABY, Martina Billi ilustracion, ELEPHANT &CASTLE, Lilian urquieta, PROSSIMA FERMATA , URBAN MYTH, Desi Civera, Mwood, BICHO DE LUZ , WOODWAVE, Rockinhorses, Pitagora , Bendito Estilo, Lubochka, SENSE NU , TARXIA, Lazy Twins, IDUNNBAGS, En tu escondite IGOR, ANA SALAS, Dr. Hoffman, Mimetrica, SARA HERRANZ, KURAGA, Saintbrissant, Begga desing, Brak Sunglasses, THE MUST HAVE.

We will possess a very special collaboration, Dcode Festival will be present on the Market with a surprise concert and in addition it will avoid credits for the festival of September 13.

We will follow with the normal oferta of concerts, in terrace and in interior.

As innovation also, on the 14th and 15th of June we will celebrate the first edition of Count Market of Design in Barcelona.

Edition On June 7 and 8,

Mercado Central de Diseño

Central de Diseño, Dimad, Matadero Madrid

Paseo de la Chopera, 14

Metro Legazpi

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