Beyond the human

Moving the human being from the center of spatial production.

Más allá de lo humano Bartlebooth

Bartlebooth launches his seventh experiment, Beyond the human. This publication explores discourses and practices that displace man from the center of spatial production and understand his position within a global system crossed by multiple tentacles. A reality inhabited by bacteria, animals, waste, bit chains, logistical orders, fungi, cyborgs, territories, ecosystems, airs … A new multiple body that will need to be interrogated to understand the spatial realities and reveal the architectural possibilities that go beyond the human.

Through its pages, we will find approaches that break the binomial culture-nature, proposals for a new postnatural geology, architectures and devices that summon non-human animals and other agents, explore the spatial implications of antispecies, how to use the biological realities of other species for the recovery of a territory and we will discover the new spatial realities of data accumulation and new automated environments.

Contributions by Timothy Morton, Gabriel Ruiz-Larrea, Paulo Tavares, Takk (Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño) and Miguel Mesa, Fernando Cremades, Catia Faria, The Extrapolation Factory, Husa, Stephen Graham, Manuel Beltrán / Institute of Human Obsolescence and Víctor Muñoz Sanz.

Más allá de lo humano Bartlebooth 1

“Let’s move, even for a moment, the focus of the architectural agency to become aware of our irrelevance as designers but also of our critical responsibility in this ecosystem crossed by multiple tentacles, scales and territories. Let us ask ourselves, for a moment, what kind of beings should be the users of this discipline who has never bothered to even question their role beyond cosmetic operations. That is, without looking at classic man as the only center of his disciplinary framework. A man who, from the Vitruvian scheme, has been manifesting up to our days in infinite forms: from Le Corbusier’s Modulor to the standardization that has been acquiring more and more relevance throughout the 20th century. (…)

In front of the precise Renaissance man of limits framed in a circle and a square, an amalgam will now appear that can only be represented through a network or tangle of multiple centers. Bacteria, animals, particles, bit strings, logistic orders, plastics, cyborgs, living matter, compost, territories, ecosystems, airs, will form a new non-human, multiple and hybrid body that we intend to observe and place in the center of the discipline throughout this publication.”

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