Márgenes de Arquitectura (01) · Urban Recycling

An epoch of crisis is a good epoch for the recycling. Material recycling and recycling idea. Moments where to mark a definitive point of inflexion with the previous thing and to place what we have in the conditions adapted to face a new life cycle.

MÁRGENES ARQUITECTURA arises with the idea of treating not only matters related directly to the architecture, but with the intention of throwing a glimpse for the edges, for the transverse matters that cross the architectural discipline. Points jointly that interlace with literature, music, mode, plastic arts, science …

In addition, MÁRGENES ARQUITECTURA wants to rely on the look of those that still they are in the margins of the profession. Because of it we want to show examples of drawn architecture, that of the projects of school and the projects of end of career. Architecture that one will never construct, that normally it remains in the shade but that contains the germ of the future architecture and the freshness of what still has not been thought for his real accomplishment.

MÁRGENES ARQUITECTURA is structured in three parts. The first one is dedicated to projects that explain the topic that gives title to the number, in this case, URBAN RECYCLING. Second, DRAWN ARCHITECTURE, gathers pupils’ contributions of PFC and last course of diverse Schools of Architecture of Spain. Finally, the magazine is closed with MARGINAL CONTENTS, where the central topic of number interlaces with related disciplines of a form or other one with the architecture, by means of fixed sections of interviews, news and reviews.

For us, apart from a moment of recycling of our own ideas it brings over of the magazine of architecture that we would like to do and to read, is a moment of special illusion and energy. If MÁRGENES ARQUITECTURA wanted to transmit some message, maybe it would be this: to act in times of crisis, consciously but without fear. To begin to recycle the former manners of confronting the profession (and the life), re-using of different form these pieces to face a new cycle.

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