Modern Masters. Secundino Zuazo

The COAM Architecture Foundation continues this cycle with which it wants to highlight the importance that the contemporary architectural heritage has for the society of the 21st century, the need for its social recognition and its maintenance and conservation.

This fifth conference is dedicated to Secundino Zuazo (Bilbao, 1887 – Madrid, 1970), architect and urban planner especially known works such as the Casa de las Flores or the Nuevos Ministerios.

Architect and urban planner, he is one of the most representative architects of the Second Spanish Republic, his work unites rationalism with the Spanish architectural tradition.”

Born in Bilbao in 1887. After completing his studies in 1912, he worked with Antonio Palacios in his studio. A trip through the Netherlands and the center of Europe makes his style evolve towards a purified rationalism, where comfort and functionality prevail. In 1932 he designed one of his most emblematic buildings “La Casa de las Flores”, in the Madrid district of Argüelles.

The then Minister of Public Works, Indalecio Prieto, commissioned the works to house the new ministries, but the civil war prevented this project from being completed. Its buildings will evolve towards more nationalist approaches, related to the tastes of the dictatorship.

Even so, he will look for more renovating lines, such as those of his Torres de Cea Bermúdez, in Madrid, where he died in 1971.

Lilia Maure and Jaime Tarruell will speak.

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