The problems of the Urban regeneration. Experiences of Barcelona and Madrid

Last January 16 the qualified debate took place in the Circle of Fine arts of Madrid: “The problems of the Urban regeneration. Experiences of Barcelona and Madrid”.

“The urban regeneration must be a set of actions that must orientate to give him solution to all the problems that cause the urban deterioration as well as the reasons and factors that originate it. A strategy of urban regeneration, it can include actions of rehabilitation, renovation or improvement, but it does not limit itself to any of them in concretly. To be able to achieve an integral project is necessary that there are born in mind urban development and architectural aspects, in addition also other elements as social, cultural, climatological and economic”.

Jordi Martí. Municipal manager of the Town hall of Barcelona
Oriol Nel.lo. President of the Consell Assessor of the Pla de Barris of Barcelona
Pilar Pereda. Adviser of the Councilman of Development Urbano Sostenible of the Town hall of Madrid
Silvia Villacañas. General manager of Strategy of Urban Regeneration of the Town hall of Madrid.

Presenter and moderator :
Jon Aguirre. Board of directors of the Club de Debates Urbanos

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