Los “huesos” de Fisac: la búsqueda de la pieza ideal | Fermín G. Blanco

A thesis on another thesis.

Miguel Fisac, is an architect atípico. His life and work dye  in occasions of literary dyes that turn it into an attractive character for his study. Life and work often confuse , as well as the limits of his professional exercise, in occasions inventor, generally bad employer, declared constructor and always architect following a very personal way to interpret the profession.

cedex| Fotography: Alex del Río

Of between his realisations stand out the called bones for covering an important part of his professional path and also by the enigmas that shut. The present text is a refundido of ideas arisen from the thesis doctoral “ The bones of Fisac, the research of the ideal piece” and that serves of base to the conference organised by trespes architects in the bookshop Formats inside the section investigation in architecture.

In architecture and specifically in the academic field the thesis doctoral is the half through the cual an architect accesses to the title of doctor, defines  like first meaning in the dictionary of SCRAPES it eat; conclusion, proposición that is supported by reasonings. Moved away of the academic field although no of the investigation, during years or rather decades Miguel Fisac defended with all type of arguments his realisations of hollow pieces of concrete pretensado, like the total solution for the construction. A “ideal piece” that to way of constructive solution gave answer to all the requests of the edificación, already are these of structural type, energetic, of impermeabilidad or aesthetic. But the true is that happened the decades the “bones” have disappeared of the market showing apparently the falsity of the thesis billed by the teacher manchego.

Exhibition Miguel Fisac_Huesos Varios | Fotography: Alex del Río

A critical route by all these realisations, added to an analysis of the different solutions adopted by the own Fisac in back decades allows to observe the adecuación of the principles to the current times and how the architect evolves the solutions from the complex processes of moldeo of hollow pieces going through the patents related with the textures of the concrete in façade until his final alliance with the formwork in shape of constructive solution. A light “system” where the heavy, the concrete of poured, transports  in hormigoneras to work to the traditional way, but where reduce  the costs in virtue of a saving of time and operarios. Where works  from inside without andamios and where the structure is to the time finished and isolation… Treating to attain again a total solution to the distinct solicitaciones of the construction. It is an answer in shape of industrial product, gap, in concrete and prefabricated, that him own architect baptised like “Architecture Poured”.

Architecture Poured is the bone of the 21st century, is a new chapter in an interminable research, when the cranes and half auxiliaries have evolved, the hand of professional work escasea and the costs of transport make it possible, the bone transforms  in signpost prefabricated and with all his included components for abaratar the setting in work and win final quality.

It will be this last proposal the way to the ideal piece?

Architecture poured prototype GZ10 | Fotography: Fermín G. Blanco

The time will decide on the elder or lower route of this last patent, in any case is the refundido and the bequeathed of a teacher that showed through his vital path a very personal way and singular to exert the profession.

Fermin G. Blanco. PhD architect

la coruña. january 2011

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Fermín González Blanco

Es doctor por la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (2010) y arquitecto por la ETSA de Valladolid (2002). Comienza su experiencia profesional con el arquitecto Manuel Gallego (2003-06). A partir de 2006 ejerce la profesión desde su propio estudio de arquitectura. Durante estos años ha realizado exposiciones, ha impartido cursos y conferencias relacionadas con la arquitectura, la docencia y el diseño industrial por diferentes organismos e instituciones. Fruto de este compromiso con la investigación, la construcción y la didáctica, en 2008 patenta el SISTEMA LUPO, un sistema modular de fines didácticos que se industrializa en diferentes versiones. Las obras y proyectos desarrollados desde el estudio mezclan los componentes de investigación, construcción y diseño, de modo que en ocasiones resulta difícil separar cada vertiente. Los proyectos se realizan en colaboración con diferentes organismos y empresas, siendo la relación teoría-práctica la que preside todo el proceso.

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