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The Festival of Architecture ‘FETSAC’ was born thanks to a pupils’ group of the School of Architecture of To Corunna that decided, on own initiative, to create a few cultural days that were altering the habitual perception that his companions had of the center, giving place to the ‘Circo’, the first edition of the festival in 2009.

The initial effort carried out by these pupils, one has seen rewarded every year with the continuity of the same one.

‘PsicoFETSAC’, ‘Re’, ‘This is tomorrow’, ‘Who’s ready for FETSAC?’, ‘FETSAC’14’ and ‘FETSAC’15: Beyond The object’ they have been the following editions, which activities (conferences, debates, workshops …) they place always inside a subject matter especially, in the one that is invited to inform to architects and other groups.

FETSAC opens a period of receipt of offers of conference and/or punctual activity from November 9 to December 30, 2015. The festival will take place in To Corunna (Spain) from March 14 to March 18, 2016.

He throws a glimpse to the manifest of the present edition. More information and / or explanations in the web or


Two ways of taking part exist:

The conferences will have a maximum duration of 1h30.
Since you will be able to see in the previous editions*, professionals have happened for our festival not architects and enclosedly students. It consults the programs ofFETSAC’15, FETSAC‘14, FETSAC13, FETSAC12, FETSAC11, FETSAC10 and FETSAC09.

The activities or performances will have a maximum duration of 3h. The format is completely free.
For the accomplishment of the different activities we will have total availability of the spaces of the School of Architecture (classrooms, assembly hall ..), as well as of the wide exterior landscaped space.


9/11/2015 Advertisement of the call to the participation in Fetsac’16.

30/12/2015 End of the period of inscription and sending of offers in definite format.

10/01/2016 Resolution of select offers.

14-18/03/2016 Assistance to the festival.


The format of presentation of the offer will be contained in a maximum of three A4 in format PDF. The content of the same ones will be free. It is important to have clear that for this edition, until December 30, both the inscription and candidate will have to carry out as the sending of the offer.

All the offers will be valued by the organizers of FETSAC’16.

It is allowed that the same participant should send more than one offer.

It will have to distinguish in which of 2 modalities it is informed: conference / activity.

The application form will cover online and the offer will be sent to the mail


-Title of the offer.
-Name of the tutors.
-Surnames of the tutors.
-E-mail electronic.
-Telephone of contact.
-Brief CV.
-Faculty, institution, association, group, etc. To that it belongs.
-Place of origin.
-Modality in which there is informed.
-Career and course (in case of being a student).

Not obligatory Information:

-Profile in Linkedin.
-Profile in Twitter.
-Profile in Facebook.



The received offers will be evaluated following the following criteria:

– Quality of the contents.
– Pedagogic and didactic Interest of the offer.
– Originality in the way of developing the offer.
– Relevancy of the topic to treating.
– Clarity in the exhibition of the offer.

In the moment to publicize the calendar of the festival, the offer of the participants will be hung on the web accompanied of a photo and a brief biography. This information will be in use, in turn, for the publication of cartels and trípticos that will be distributed during all the duration of the festival.

The organization will take charge of the expenses of displacement as well as of the housing necessary for the accomplishment of the offer.

Each of the offers carried out in the FETSAC’16 will be remunerated after having finished successfully the participation. The number is independent from the number of persons necessary to carry out her.

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