Le Cirque de Calder

The documentary belongs to the summary “La Magie Calder” constituted by 3 documentaries on the artist Alexander Calder that the Portuguese director Carlos Vilardebó realized between 1961 and 1974. Other two are “Les mobiles de Calder” and “Les gauches de Sandy”.

In his circus, Calder was giving life to each and every of the prominent figures created by means of wire, wood, rag and rubbers, while his wife was puncturing in a record player the typical of the circus melodies.

Mentioning textually of Circo Méliès:

“Thanks to “Le Cirque de Calder” of Carlos Vilardebó we can enjoy a magic and artistic representation of the poetical Circus Calder: the lion eats up the head of the man with the head of cork, the launcher of knives hurts accidental his partenaire, the caquitas of the animals, rapidly gathered by the own Calder with his collector and his broom in miniature, the enterteining precision of the movements of the riders, of the tightrope walkers and of the trapeze artists. The track of the circus, done with identical wood, the carpets, the animals: dogs, lions, horses, elephants … And the artist announcing the attractions, using the whistle, marking the pace of the function, enjoying as a child of every second of the Teacher’s paper of ceremonies. “

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