The inhabitable cities, a drift. Tandem Madrid-Paris 2017

This short film is the result of a project by which two designers from Madrid and two from Paris have spent a few days living in one and another city, living the day to day of its inhabitants. His look and his experience is like that of any citizen, but they can not escape that it is also the designer’s gaze.

How do designers perceive the traces of design in both cities?

What uses, customs and experiences do they generate?

How is the growing technology related to the most practical part and the most emotional part of the urban experience?

In addition to the resulting short film, you can follow the work process in the following link.

The Habitando dos ciudades project, the designer’s gaze is included in the Paris-Madrid 2017 Tandem Program, organized by the Madrid City Council, the Paris City Council and the Institut Français.

The Paris-Madrid Tandem arises from an invitation from the city of Paris to be part of this annual program that seeks to build cultural bridges with another city. Its programming has been the result of a dialogue between the teams of both municipalities and the French Institute. The chosen theme, which shows common wills and concerns, and around which the programming revolves, is the urban transformation, and more specifically, the role played by art, culture and citizen participation in that transformation. A sample of this harmony between the two municipalities is, for example, a certain parallelism between the calls that each city has launched with a view to the participatory construction of public spaces.

The Tandem Paris-Madrid 2017 is celebrated simultaneously in the two cities throughout the month of October, with convergent but not symmetrical programming, which encompasses many disciplines (architecture, urbanism, photography, cinema, performing arts, music, design …) and formats (exhibitions, interventions, concerts, workshops, round tables, experimental projects …).

In Madrid, looking for a balance between a more participatory, playful and urban spaces occupation and a more reflective and knowledge-generating aspect, that is, between theory and practice, programming is structured around three axes:

What can happen in a square: Both in Paris and in Madrid, a square has been chosen as the epicenter of Tandem activities. The Place de la Nation in Paris, which is in the process of being transformed, and the Jardines del Arquitecto Ribera in Madrid, which have been recently remodeled. During the several days of activities in the Gardens of the Architect Ribera and its surroundings (where the Municipal Public Library Mario Vargas Llosa, the Museum of History of Madrid, the Public School Isabel La Católica and the Barceló Market, among others) are located It gives prominence to the cultural and artistic uses of the public space, exploring in practice what function or can have art and culture in the transformation, management and use of spaces.

So many ways of talking about urban transformations …: Exhibitions, documentary films and round tables approach the central theme of the Tandem from reflection, from different experiences and from different angles and disciplines.

The cities look at each other: A photographic exhibition, a film series and a project made by designers focus their attention on one and the other city, on the image they have of themselves and on the other, establishing similarities and differences in their changes, their realities or their imaginaries.

On the other hand, as a preamble to the Paris-Madrid Tandem, there is the confluence with the XIV Architecture Week organized by the Official College of Architects of Madrid and the COAM Architecture Foundation (from September 29 to October 8), which this edition has Paris as a guest city. For this reason, some activities have been organized jointly.

The general intention has been, beyond crossing programs between Madrid and Paris, to generate specific activities and projects involving teams from here and there, promoting exchanges of experiences, artistic residencies and joint works between artists and professionals from the two cities. In addition, at the local level, the willingness to involve groups, associations and different cultural agents who have collaborated in the curating of the project or in the development of activities has been present.

In short, the Paris-Madrid 2017 Tandem has served as a pretext to have a long-term view of what happens in the other city and of projection into the future, and a look at what is closest, towards what happens in our own city and the small environments that make it up, imagining ways and procedures that make urban transformation a matter for everyone, where art and culture are also the engine and vehicle for change.

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