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Jean Luc Danneyrolles, agriculturalist of the provenza French and Carlos Pons, Spanish documentalist, organise a trip to Granada to the meeting of alternative social projects. Enrolan A camera and split during the big colds of February of the 2012, carrying achieve like coin of change a big collection of Seeds.

The testimony of a movement that grows….Another world is possible aqui and now.

The voice of the wind is a documentary that links through the audiovisual language, three trips around the emergency of a new universal consciousness.

– A real trip/venue: A trip of Provenza to Granada, following a line of alternative projects;
– An inner trip/personnel: An expression of the concepts, the reflections and the feelings that go  generating inside;
– A global collective/trip: The idea of a new world that germinates in the unaware community. The utopia, the horizon that continuous advancing.

It is based in a trip of Provenza in France to Granada, realised in February of 2012 by Jean-Luc Danneyrolles, a French agriculturalist, producer of ecological seeds and participant of the movement by the decreasing and the network of seeds peasants in France and Carlos Pons, realizador, technician of sound and activist by the decreasing and the alimentary sovereignty.

The idea is to stroke the hope that the world evolve finally further of the selfishness, the materialism, the corruption and the competition, surpassing centuries of history, to a new world, of abundance frugal and simple happiness, where the (re)connection of deep way with the nature and the radical change in our relacion with all the living beings can be the key.

The pelicula pretends to be an experimental work, using the audiovisual language to transmit.

Data on the trip:

– 21 days of trip, 5000Km.
– 35 Projects visited.
– More than 200 people found.
– 9 natural parks.

Map of the interactive trip

See The Voice of the wind in a bigger map

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