Industrial architectura. La Panificadora. 1917 | Otto Werner+Jorge Buchi+Manuel Gómez Román

The factory of flours or Panificadora is one of the more beautiful architecture examples industrial in our city. It was built in 1917 by Antonio Valcarce, shortly after of having closed the factory of flours “The Miller”, being Manuel Gómez Román architect of the work, and Otto Werner and Jorge Buchl engineers. In its beginnings it had the building of mills, ovens for the elaboration of bread and four silos for the grain. After the Civil War became the first bread business in Vigo. It was the oven with larger number of rationed registered people and it finished absorbing to many small neighbourhood bakers, that they did of delivery people and they passed to become shareholders of the company. The Woman of Vigo Bread-making Company had between its many contingents clients militates of the south of Galicia or prisoners of the Monastery of St maría de Oia.

La Panificadora. Otto Werner+Jorge Buchi+Manuel Gómez Román (1917) |

Because of the civil war and to the postwar blockade, the production of the factory went down considerably. In 1960 workshops are transformed and a third building is built for factory of piensos and business premises. In total occupied an area of 9,455 square metres. Finally the factory closed in the year 1981, after 60 years dedicated to the production of flour and the elaboration of bread. Since then is found pregnant of neglect and, mismamente, some years ago suffered a fire in one of the basses of the building.



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