The Office on the Grass. The Evolution of the Workplace

La oficina en la hierba

“When they reached the top of the stairs, the view was spectacular. The roof overlooked most of the campus, the surrounding city of San Vincenzo and the bay beyond.”

This paragraph from the novel The Circle (Dave Eggers) describes the paradigm of the office in the digital era, which is ubiquitous, with no defined space or time. Everything can be done at any time in any place.

In THE OFFICE ON THE GRASS, Caruso St John Architects and Javier Mozas (a+t research group) define the character of the contemporary office through paradigm-changing buildings and their sources of inspiration.

The volume, edited by Aurora Fernández Per (a+t research group), is complemented with an illustrated glossary containing significant projects and a timeline of the most important innovations in the workplace environment.

This publication is a selection of content which has been published previously in the a+t magazine WORKFORCE series.

The contemporary workplace is a result of successive compressions and decompressions. The WORKFORCE series analyses office buildings both inside and out, focusing on the role played by architects on this battlefield of professional competences.

On the inside, offices have been given new spatial layouts as a result of new working practices.
Regarding the buildings themselves, new relationships with the city are being established: they are stamping their identity with iconic forms, donning skins loaded with meaning and aiming for sustainability.

Based on these themes, the WORKFORCE series presents:

·45 projects for contemporary workplaces
·3 graphic analysis articles, containing historical references and paradigms of floor plan layouts
·Glossary of new concepts
·Timeline of office-centred innovations

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