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The project consists in the transformation of a small business premises into a work space for a travel agency.

Amounting to 45 square meters and located on the ground floor of a residential building, the volume of intervention is greater in height than it is in width. The ceiling allows to work up to about five meters in height while the width is around three meters. The only opening to natural light is on the main facade.

The proposal results in a double-height space to accommodate its activities on two levels. Thus, according to the privacy and functionality of the program the activities have been distributed on two platforms connected by a spiral staircase.

The public and customer area, with direct access from the street, is at the lower level. On the higher floor is the private office, delimited by a floating table turned towards the mezzanine and the street views. At the bottom there are a toilet and a storage space that create a service area.

The main facade is defined by a window and the main door that intentionally opens to the street, looking for light and connection with public space.

Work: La mirada viajera
Author: Marcos Miguélez
Location: Ponferrada – León, Spain
Total built area: 45 m2
Year: 2018
Photography: Antonio V. Sotelo 
Collaborators: Talleres Roval S.L.

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