The ESARQ-UIC and Roca organize a cycle of conferences on the equality and the development in the world of the architecture

Experts and NGO of the area of the development will compose in a dialogue with teachers of the Master of International Cooperation in Sustainable Emergency Architecture of the ESARQ-UIC on the problems that derive from the practice of the architecture and the design. The cycle starts on January 22 to them 19.00h in the Roca Barcelona Gallery with Nathaniel Corum’s participation (Architecture for Humanity).

The cycle, which will be realized in English as traffic language, starts on January 22 the 19.00 h with Nathaniel Corum’s participation (Architecture for Humanity) that there will compose in a dialogue with the joint manager of the Master of International Cooperation in Sustainable Emergency Architecture, Carmen Mendoza. Born in Boston, the architect Nathaniel Corum provides, across Architecture for Humanity, architectural solutions to the humanitarian crises and gives service to the needy communities. Some of his actions have been after the tsunami of Japan, the floods of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) or Christchurch’s earthquakes (New Zealand) and Port-au-Prince (Haiti).

The cycle will develop in format of conversations between two experts and it tries to promote the debate on the problems that derive from the practice of the architecture and the design, specially in the area of the development and in the construction of cities.

The rapid urbanization has provoked large-scale problems that suppose big challenges and opportunities in the attainment of the most just and sustainable future. The urban sustainable development, the effects of the massive migration in the cities, the participation of the community, the reduction of the risks of catastrophe and the answers before these are key factors that the máster approaches and that try to move now not only to professionals of the architecture, but also to the public opinion across this format.

In these conversations, there will pair off a special guest of renowned agencies and ONG of the area of the development with one of the teachers of the ESARQ of the UIC. This teacher of the ESARQ will be the manager of directing the interview and promoting an animated dialog that he leads to a debate in which the public also will be able to take part.

From January to April, the Roca Barcelona Gallery will receive a conference a month, always to the 19.00 h. After the session of next January 22, the cycle will be completed by the following meetings:

On February 10 there will intervene Dan Lewis (UN-HABITAT, Urban Resilience Institute), accompanied of the teacher Hug March. The Canadian Dan Lewis counts with more than 30 years of experience in the humanitarian work and of development. Nowadays, he administers the world portfolio of UN-HABITAT to face to the impacts of the political conflicts and the natural disasters in Africa, Middle East, South and Southeast of Asia, the South Pacific, North America and South America.

March 26 will be Susana Oliver’s shift (World Vision), together with the teacher and architect Emilio Hormias. This third session We Are possesses the support of the Foundation Water closet. Susana Oliver directs World Vision’s project department, international Christian organization that, from 1950, works for the children and the poorest families. It is present in 98 countries and, thanks to the help of the persons who support the organization as godfathers, partners or donors, they offer help to more than 4 million children in the whole world.

The cycle is closed on April 21 with Teddy Cruz (Center for Urban Ecologies), accompanied of the architect and critic of architecture Fredy Massad. Teddy Cross is an architect, of Guatemalan origin and teacher of urbanism in the University of California in San Diego. His investigation has centred on the particularities of the urbanism and the architecture of the border between Mexico and The United States. It has been recognized by several international prizes, between them the Prize of Architecture of the Academy of the Arts and the Letters of New York and his nomination for the magazine “Fast Company” as one of 50 more influential designers of The United States.

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