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This writing treats of a concrete passage of the history of the architecture: that of the crisis of the Modulor because of his disability to generalize the measure of 226 cm (the man with the elevated arm) as minimal height of the housings, and of how this crisis might have excelled if Corbusier had added the series v5 in the definition of the same one. To treat this topic, after almost sixty years, it can seem to be anachronistic. But if we move back in the time we will verify that the Modern Movement has been the last theoretical complete system. His answer has been based more on formal alternatives than on the substitution of his beginning.

With the formal liberation, which today it has converted to the same Modern Movement into one more stylistic option, it has been gained at liberty creative but also in theoretical orphanhood. Often, every new publication of the architectural innovations is a new veil that gets dark the heritage of those who thought that the architecture was not an exercise of arbitrariness. With this writing we try to be big enough a bit of attention to the legacy of those who yesterday bet for an architecture compromised with the persons and in agreement with the order that surrounds us, this one is that of the nature, that of the rationality of the machine or that of the social needs. It is enough to aim at it.

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The first part of these reflections will be dedicated by us to the Modulor, trying to make clear the sense that the measure had in the theoretical thought of Le Corbusier, presenting the crisis that freed itself for the denial of the authorities responsible for the politics of housing in different countries, when these rejecting the minimal height defined in the Modulor. In the second part we will try to give exit to this crisis, finishing with some general considerations. This writing complements itself with an annexe in which they justify mathematics and graphically some of the exposed reasonings.


Rafael de Cáceres

+ article is published in Annuaire Massilia

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