The crisis like opportunity? Summer story | Cristina García-Rosales

Crisis was a girl gordezuela. It had born in the year 2008 and had many parents: the brothers Lethman, were two of them, several big banks or rather bank national and international groups – as the Stanley Morgan, the Chase Manhattan Bank or the Santander – were different, and certainly, there were the electrical, chemical, pharmaceutical or food-processing multinationals, the military men and of manufacture of weapon, who had favored his birth, implanting different and malignant seeds, all of them inside an enormous German prostitute called Ángela. The different parents, machists and reactionaries, and the scantily maternal mother, had created a precious but wicked retoña who was putting on weight visibly during the summer of 2012.

Crisis had many sisters. One of them was Opportunity, something more anxious and major. Instead of playing with his dolls – since it was doing malignantly Crisis – provoking that were meeting in manifestations and protests, before the cut that towards of the hair, members and other elements necessary for his happiness, Opportunity was assembling them and was giving them ideal, false, it yes, with what it was falling down. But ideal, in the end, that always are grateful. And it was making them dream.


Because of it his mother was saying it often, “Crisis, daughter, tries to be like An Opportunity”. Of there the phrase has stayed the crisis like opportunity that so much I damage does, because though the ideal ones are necessary, first there would be necessary to change some thing from his root.

It had a step-brother called Risk. The day was passing playing the stock market and speculating, with what was provoking raises and sudden descents of humor of his favorite premium, for all known as the Premium for risk. The Premium for risk, it was collecting basic points, and all those more it was accumulating, more nervous they were putting on all the disinherited ones of the country. It was doing it to bother, clearly, playing on the Stock market, which was like a great park (never rather) but I fill of toads, snakes, scorpions and hyenas.

Another brother of Crisis was called A Rescue. Rescue had been a great reader of Julio Verne and of Salgari and he liked to rescue the most beautiful girl chased by thieves and bandits. In this story, they have put him of principal protagonist. But he does not understand anything. Not either of numbers, or of economy, or of finance, certainly he does not even understand himself either with the Premium for risk or with the Interest of the Debt. The Debt, sister of the mother of the Crisis (the mother of all the mothers …). It has as principal interest become related by marriage, as his name it indicates it, though it should to have other simpler interests, more of walking for house.

Photography: Cristina García-Rosales

All that was causing, little by little, a revolt of the dolls with which our protagonists were playing. Pacific but forceful revolt on having noticed the lack of sensitivity with which they were treated, as well as the constant lies that some and others were telling them.

Esto ocurría en el verano del 2012. Y yo, espectadora de esta singular historia, no he podido por menos de comenzar este cuento que no tengo ni idea de cual va a ser su final….

(To be continue)

Summer | Photography: Cristina García-Rosales

Cristina García-Rosales. architect

madrid. july 2012

Cristina García-Rosales

Soy arquitecta (1980). Mis proyectos son muy diversos. En 1995 fundo el grupo La Mujer Construye, en el que ocupo la Presidencia. 

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