The CLESA Dairy Center in Madrid. Alejandro de la Sota

The CLESA Dairy Center in Madrid is one of the jewels of modern Spanish architecture and its author, Alejandro de la Sota, one of the most important architects in the recent history of Spanish architecture. The complex was on the verge of being demolished for the construction of houses, but an intense campaign in favor of its protection on the part of Associations of Architects and citizens managed for its demolition and that the process for its Cataloging began.

“Conceptually, it responds to the thought of adapting each specific volume of each part of the needs program, treated with independence, to a harmonious whole, where each of the parties does not lose its own personality.

It always attracts attention, years ago, the order of luggage on the bullfighters’ cars, always topped with the rapiers and the botijo.


The content of a building is the set of minor contents of different functions. The success in the order within the parts and in the order of the whole is a way of proposing our buildings …

Let’s do like the bullfighters! (1989)”

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Last Wednesday, October 21, at 7:00 pm at the School of Architecture of Madrid, the Alejandro de la Sota Foundation presented, in collaboration with LafargeHolcim, “A conversation about CLESA”, a meeting between José Manuel López-Peláez and Josep Llinás on the CLESA Dairy Power Plant built by Alejandro de la Sota in Madrid.

After the presentation of the Act by Estefanía Alcarazo, architect responsible for prescribing LafargeHolcim, Josep Llinás first and José Manuel Lopéz-Peláez then spoke respectively on: “CLESA at the time of other works of Sota” and “CLESA and the ideas of Sota” . After these brief conferences, a conversation ensued between the two architects and friends of Alejandro de la Sota.

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