The resonance box of Daiamanti | Elisa Díaz Lorenzo

“The term RESONANCE refers to a set of phenomena related to the periodic movements in which reinforcement of an oscillation takes place. Increase of the extent of movement of a system”.


Amandine and Baldomero are opposite two compatible whose immediate environment is singular and very demanding: both are musical interpreters specialists in the chamber music of the baroque period and have tastes, needs and very particular interests. They have in addition a girl with psychomotor disability _ DAIA_ that needs specialized attention and that needs that his habitat adapts completely to her and to his periodic movements.

All these conditions influence from the beginning the functional organization and the formal aspect of the project.

La caja de resonancias de Daiamanti Elisa Díaz Lorenzo 01_-ESTADO-INICIAL


On having entered the floor, the seventh one, an environment of the 70s is breathed: a floor very compartimentado, with long corridors, chromatic dark and subdued combinations, a space to cook failed to take advantage, many doors…

It is practically quite exterior, being the most prominent thing the spectacular panoramic some on her laugh at Vigo and a surrounding traffic that favors the interconnection of the stays and punctual spatial surprises.


The project optimizes the periodic movements of the functional needed system, reinforcing this oscillation and increasing his extent of tour, so that DAIA could move with major freedom.

By means of a few minimal gestures supportives there is reinforced this movement of constant friction between the spaces. These gestures support the initial spirit of the floor and organize the general storage _ so necessarily for ellos_ looking for the light and the spatial flexibility all the time.

La caja de resonancias de Daiamanti Elisa Díaz Lorenzo 00_-PORTADA


From always I have considered to be essential that the materiality and the textures of THE HOUSE should reflect the character of the one who lives it. The effort for obtaining it in this case would be major, due to the constant compatible contradiction between these two objected ones.

The offer had to breathe naturalness, freshness, optimism, contemporaneousness, many personality … and great, a lot of music.

The search of the constant practicidad provoked an inevitable dialog between architecture and design of furniture, acquiring the latter such protagonism that would happen to articulate the spaces and to favor his sequences almost completely.

Partitions of board wood – cement VIROC, of cellular translucent polycarbonate and of plywood of pine, troquelado and lacquer to the water, gives form to a few USEFUL PARTITIONS that are much more than simple dividing walls.

The light.

The NATURAL LIGHT is one of the principal materials of the offer. It had to invade everything and come up to the last corner.

The ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING was not going to be less: it would fill the ceiling of a sea of stars and points of light organized in such a way that they were escaping of a predefined and static rationality.

The floor.

Both had the clear desire to preserve the soil of existing wood and enclosedly of using it again.

This soil would have a lot of protagonism since it was a question of small muds of red eucalyptus placed in spike. In addition the drawing of the spike was different in every room.

When the old woman withdraws tabiquería we discover also that there was difference of level between the stays, and this particularity determined completely the final result. Before this unexpected circumstance, the formula that we decide to apply was the following one:

New distribution + to support soils + to use wood + to avoid difference of levels = The soil must be treated as the only independent, constant and completely organic tapestry to be able to attend to all the demands.

The new tabiquería would settle on him with total naturalness, giving like proved a horizontal creative, enterteining base and without complexes.

Work: The resonance box of Daiamanti
Location: Pi y Margall, Vigo (Galicia)
Client: Amandine Beyer + Baldomero Barciela Varela
Year: 2018
Author: Elisa Díaz Lorenzo
Boss of work: Margarita Méndez Damorín
Constructor: Desarrolla Obras y Servicios S.L.
Duration of the work: 5 months
Photography: Desarrolla Obras y Servicios S.L | Elisa Díaz Lorenzo

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