Days De La Sota en Pontevedra. 1913-2013

Next October 20, 2013 there is fulfilled the centenary of the birth of the Architect Alejandro de la Sota. To celebrate this efeméride collaborators and experts organize a few Days concerning his person, ideas and work, of the hand of his family.

In these days visits will be realized to the works that I raise in his natal city, Pontevedra, since it are the Biological Mission of Galicia, Pavilion of Sports, Building of Housings in the former street Gondomar now Architect dela Jack (I tread on type, attic and roof) and the Domínguez House of A Caeira.

The appraisal of these days belongs to only 40 persons and all the acts will be recorded to realize a small exhibition with the results of the meeting and this way it makes a participant a major number of persons been interested in Alejandro de la Sota’s work.

Days: Of the evening of Friday, the 18th to the evening of Sunday, the 20th of October, 2013.

Lcation: Hotel Caneliñas. Portonovo.

Referees: Juan de la Sota, José Manuel López-Peláez, Pedro de Llano, Manuel Gallego, Josep Llinás

Visit to the works: Biological mission of Galicia, Sports Pavilion, Building of Housings in the former street Gondomar now Architect dela Jack (I tread on type, attic and roof) and the Domínguez House  of A Caeira.


Opened the term of 27 September to 16 October.

Includes the assistance to the conferences, the trips and visits to the works, the accommodation in the hotel (2 nights – hab shared) and the services of desayunos, foods and dinners of the afternoon of the Friday to the midday of the Sunday. Price: 150eu/person.
Includes the assistance to the five conferences, the trips and visits to the works and the food of the Saturday 19. Price: 90eu/person.

The reservation of square will confirm  by means of the entry in account to name of the interested/to (Name and Surnames) and annotating in the concept of the transfer: DelaSotaPontevedra. Account number: 3183/ 1500/91/ 0001210491 of the Caja de arquitectos.

After realising the transfer, asks  that the inscrit@s that send an email with his Name, Surnames, Post and Telephone to the post:

See options of inscription

Contact and Consultations

Across the e-mail:

Or directly in the telephones: 881 885 132 y 692 159 512.


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