Jiménez Montoya Essential. Reinforced concrete

Jiménez Montoya Esencial. Hormigón Armado

This 16th edition of the classic ARMED CONCRETE by JIMÉNEZ MONTOYA has tried to keep everything that could be considered essential from the previous editions, dispensing only with what for use or by regulation has become obsolete. This fantastic material has been reviewed, nuanced, complemented and modernized thanks to the work of the two authors who were already from the previous edition, Juan Carlos Arroyo Portero and Francisco Morán Cabré, as well as the new 12 collaborating authors.

With the editorial objective always placed on the necessity, usefulness and accessibility of our books, the result is a JIMÉNEZ MONTOYA ESENCIAL of almost 450 pages, to which we must add more material hosted on the CINTER website that complements and does not allow for forgetting of certain methods that were important in previous editions of the book. An encyclopedic treaty on reinforced concrete that aims to be the perfect tool at the service of anyone who studies and imparts this subject.

Juan Carlos Arroyo Portero, Francisco Morán Cabré and Álvaro García Meseguer are joined this time in the form of collaborating authors Ángel Castillo Talavera, Alberto Costaguta Regueira, Jaime Fernández Gómez, David García i Carrera, Alberto García de Yzaguirre, Antonio Marí Bernat, Alejandro Pérez Caldentey, Carlos Ríos Frutos, Fernando Rodríguez García, Carles Romea Rosas, Gonzalo Ruiz López and Luis Vega Catalán.

“To my delight, in all that I have read of this careful new edition, the authors and the new collaborators remain faithful to the old didactic and encyclopedic spirit of the book.

The book tells what the reader should know, to quote an old partner, professor of hydraulics:

-Mr. reader, you are preparing to read a book that is already underlined-.

I am very happy to say that, in my opinion, the book you have in your hands is, again, in its 16th edition, extraordinary.”

José Antonio Torroja Cavanillas

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