Javier Fernandez Muñoz · The air of the city

Javier Fernandez Muñoz’s conference. Architect, OCHiR Ayuntamiento of Santiago de Compostela inside the days of Architecture and rural Territory celebrated in Callobre (To Highway) on Friday, the 26th of July, 2013.

“Though the chat centres on the description of the previous expositions and the sequels later to an ambitious operation of reurbanization of the Historical City of Santiago de Compostela, executed during the years 2008-2011, to that I have referred in some occasion as ” Or air gives Cidade ” (National Prize of Architecture 2010), actually I use it also as excuse to comment on the diverse vicissitudes that the process urbanizer suffers in his slow one to sail, and often to sink, in the bosom of the administration, revealing once again as the political action it is a contingency that, sadly, we must bear in mind so in the architectural process as to the action of the gravity or to the meteorological inclemencies.The time of the politics is not of the same substance that that of the architecture, only they coincide with the name…”


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