Jane Eyre

I am rereading in my time free Jane Eyre and finding a good number of very interesting elements that had happened unnoticed in previous readings – I recognize it, to me the Brontë me can from the adolescence. Already I have commented in some another occasion on the useful thing that seems to me to incorporate literary references to the urban development investigation, as privileged sources that transmit of exceptional form the experience and mentality of a certain period. Or let’s be just and digámoslo with the words of the one that swept the social sciences in this respect, Raymond Williams: to express the ‘ structure of feeling ‘ of an epoch.

Since here we have this particular shock of territorialidades between Jane and Rochester, two geografías objected that come to cross in Thornfield Hall, in some place to the north of England. Rochester is the man of the world, his business and leisure produce an extremely mobile, relocated and unforseeable life, moving with facility in the wide fabric of economic and cultural networks with which Great Britain appears worldwide in the first half of the XIXth. Jane is on the contrary the figure fixed to the local area, to the institutions and houses for which it is happening. Rochester jokes in some moment of her: “Miss Eyre, have you ever lived in a town? … Have you seen much society?”.


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