IX Competition for Steelcase Architecture Students

IX Concurso para Estudiantes de Arquitectura Steelcase

· Candidates should create a workspace focused on a startup.
· Students from Architecture Schools of Spain and Portugal may apply to the contest.
· The candidates will opt for more than 6,000 euros in prizes and the jury will be made up of notable architects.

The multinational Steelcase, specialized in the design of workspaces, has launched the ninth edition of the Steelcase Architecture Students’ Competition, which poses the challenge of creating a work environment focused on a startup.

Students of Architecture Schools enrolled in at least one subject of the 2018-2019 academic year in any university in Spain or Portugal, including Master students, postgraduates, etc. will be able to participate in the competition. Applicants will be able to present their work, both individually and in group, making their registration in the contest until February 22 on the website of and presenting their work until April 26.

The works received will be eligible for several prizes valued at more than 6,500 euros: a first prize worth 3,000 euros, a second prize of 2,000 € and a third prize of 1,000 €. In addition, depending on the quality of the submitted projects, the jury reserves the option of awarding Mentions worth € 500 to the projects that deserve it. Also, a popular vote will be conducted through the Steelcase profile on Facebook and the winning project will receive a Reply chair. The evolution of the contest will be known through the Facebook profile of the company. For the final resolution, the jury will take into account the originality of the proposals, the skill and environmental sensitivity of the space and that responds to the theme raised.

The design of the proposal must be original and unpublished and it will be evaluated by an independent jury made up of renowned architects with a remarkable national and international trajectory. Some names that have already been part of the jury in other editions are Luis Vidal, César Ruíz-Larrea, Julio Touza, Enrique Álvarez Sala, Fermín Vázquez, Enrique León and Alberto Campo-Baeza, among others.

Object of the contest.

Dynamism, agility, flexibility, creativity, disruption, leadership, innovation. The startups carry all these traits in their DNA, something that has led them to anticipate the demands of consumers and to revolutionize traditional business models that, until now, were supposed to be unbeatable. In this business context, the workspace has acted as a lever of fundamental change to create and transmit a company culture through space, with which you can shape the behavior of people to make organizations more agile, Innovative and flexible.

Starting from these premises, the aspirants should create a work space that helps companies to move the startup culture to all levels of the organization.

Through this competition, Steelcase continues to support the development of Architecture as a fundamental discipline in the construction of workspaces, promotes collaborative work, stimulates creativity and fosters the bond of architecture students with the new trends in workspaces. investigated by Steelcase.

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