Interviews about Smart City with Domenico Di Siena

Victoria Fernández Áñez interviews Domenico Di Siena about abSmart City for an investigation that it develops for a program of Doctorate of the Technical University of Madrid.

Domenico Di Siena is An Architect, Civic and Investigative Designer; his work focuses on processes for the improvement of the cities and the territories that we live. Domenico designs and develops processes and tools that help the local authorities, organizations and universities to collaborate with the citizens for the common good. He promotes a culture of collaboration and the use of new technologies for processes of Collective Placed Intelligence, where the citizens (re) turn in protagonists of the actions, who determine the identity and the character of the territory that they live.

Domenico Di Siena is an instigador of different projects and communities. Nowadays it is specially involved in the development and CivicWise‘s promotion, a community that citizen is generating in an opened way the first platform of consultancy p2p for the promotion of the collaborative urbanism and the processes of empoderament.

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