Instruments of measure of the time (IV) | Jorge Rodríguez

Instruments of measure of the time (III) | Jorge Rodríguez

Ulises joking of Polifemo. J.M.W. Turner, 1829 | Source: wikipedia

‘When you make your trip to Ítaca.

He asks that the way is long,

Full of adventures, fully of experiences.’

Constantino Cavafis

We are closing the caseto, that we all want beach and partyng, and in summer a good evening party attracts until every sunday.

And already set to close, we conclude this series that it began (good, we begin, you are the first accomplice) it does already more than one year. This collection of corners that we have been discovering, and that has not tried any more that to be a place for the tranquility. I explain.

With this small trip across Man’s places, Fig trees, Miralles, Bofill or Tusquets, we have known a bit more his thought, that ultimately, it is his better inheritance. We have seen all that they had of them same his small corners. To say goodbye, I you want to bring the last small corner from which to see the life.

If the previous ones were slightly diffuse and recondite, the latter is going to be difficult to find. I invite you to explore and re-draw the limit of what we consider to be ‘a place’.

A place is a simple tremendously rich entity in shades, which can be formed from many aspects, but there is the indispensable one. There will be a place there where something has happened.

The gentleman Gómez de la Serna was saying with very much tact

‘Where the lovers break forever, there stays the monument of his farewell. They will turn it to seeing intact and marmoreal all the times happen for this site.’

Emaciated example that brings to the recollection an atlas of life, a catalogue of the first times. And also of last, recorded to fire.

These meetings to which I called ‘Small instruments of measure of the time if something they have clarified me, it is that the really fundamental only thing to be happy (we go to the nougat, we leave ourselves of gilipolleces of arquitectitos and silly, to living carajo!) it is to feel darlings. In a process of test and mistake, expeditious and arbitrary, we are constructing our place in the world, our space of comfort, choosing with whom and where we want to share our time. I turn Don Ramon,

‘The love is born of the sudden desire to do eternally passenger’.

Another anvil.

The sculpture understood perfectly this role, to freeze a moment of brilliancy with the contribution of the man to the inert stone. César Vallejo explained it better than anybody ‘This marble is not a sculpture. And this picture is not a painting. In spite of the fact that Michael Ángel (it was hats) only had to withdraw the excessive stone to extract the David, the Moses or the pietàs, his sculpture was not in this stone. It was in his look, in his ingenuity, his talent. It was in his time, which was his life.

Nevertheless from the architecture, we are getting lost in the mediocrity of the insensitive ones. We cannot rely on those that defend that the good life is in the codes and the manuals. Me they come to the head Selinunte’s temples, the fields of Castile, the grapevines of the toquera or Azcárraga’s square.

To complete the local definition, we are going to try to come out the physical thing, the material thing. It is clear that the architecture without the technè us remains lame, but we are going to try, to see what happens it. If we attend to the advices of Don Ramon, we need people who provokes his fires, that between in our lives like a wave (if, a cant escapes from all for her Sworn) and teach us to live. Only these people we will be able to enjoy the days of wine and roses, these moments for we.

I think that already we have sufficient wickers. It is clear that we search, and what is necessary to obtain it, so we end.

I want to finish with an honoring to the calm man. I do not refer to the John Wayne’s good one, that also, but to the man who asks for a long way, to have time of which many things happen to him. The calm man like figure of all those persons entrusted to make ourselves have clear that they, and his moments, are going to be our place, our last booth.

Better honoring does not happen to me that to finish this marvel of Cavafis’s poem with which we open the latter session.

‘Have always Itaca in your mind.
Coming there is your destination.
But never hurry the trip.
Better that it lasts many years
and to moor, old man already, in the island,
enriched of all that you won in the way
without lasting to that Itaca you enriches.

Itaca offered to you so beautiful trip.
Without her you would not have started way.
But it does not have already anything to give you.

Though you her find poor person, Itaca has not cheated you.
Like that, wise since you have turned,
with so much experience,
you will understand already what they mean the Itacas.’

Well, it seems to be easy. Good time, someone that another beer and the Bambino in bass clef. For the evening party, I say., I leave it the reader, already I said that it was not going to be easy to find …

Jorge Rodriguez Seoane
July 2015. Coruña

Jorge Rodríguez Seoane

Arquitecto y socio fundador y gerente de Seoane Arquitectura.

Experiencia activa en evaluación de riesgos y plan de negocio, gestión de personal y dirección de proyectos de ejecución.

Gestión de carteras de inversión inmobiliaria, búsqueda de activos singulares y representación de intereses.

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