Indispensable, Jorge Oteiza 1908-2008 y sigo

Across the interviews with different persons linked with the work and Oteiza‘s life, this documentary tries to uncover fundamental aspects of his work.

Imprescindibles portrays in the figure of the Basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza in the documentary Oteiza 1908-2008 and I continue.

Directed by Alberto Gorritiberea y Míkel Mendizábal, the program discovers his life and work, travelling for the working spaces of the artist and asking whom better they him knew.

The own Oteiza has guided this trip for his life. From Orio to Agiña, Bilbao or Ernio. We see eight spaces of action of the artist, eight interviewed ones and eight points of view.

Without previous script.

This way, the documentary there gathers the opinion of Jose Antonio Sistiaga, Pedro Manterola, Jaione Apalategi, Jose Ángel Irigaray, Joseba Zulaika, Txomin Badiola, Néstor Basterretxea and Carmen Oteiza, sister of the sculptor.

A documentary produced by Baleuko that was realized without previous script. They are the interviewed own ones those who were guiding the history that counts, in Castilian and Basque, across his 52 minutes of duration.

Imprescindibles is a program of 2 of TVE dedicated to approaching every week personalities of the world of the culture and the science.

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