ImagenSubliminal. Scenes of Spanish Architecture

ImagenSubliminal. Escenarios de Arquitectura Española 2017 Japón

The exhibition ImagenSubliminal. Scenes of Spanish Architecture it offers a look on the professional work of the equipment of photographers and architects ImagenSubliminal (Miguel de Guzmán and Rocío Romero), those who from beginning of the 21st century come photographing good part of the architecture of interest produced in Spain.

A complex, unfinished and many-sided portrait that includes so much architectures at the expense of big names of prestige and with important productions, as the work of emergent practices with intense materializations in his small scale.

His work realizes of the reality of the architecture, the urbanism and the Spanish company of last twenty years. In him they have fitted examples produced during the urban development expansion of the periphery of Madrid; exemplary, some already canonical interventions, in the Spanish heritage; actions linked to natural environments that ratify the attention which the Spanish architecture faces the landscape in the different realities of our geography; and indications of the unstoppable internationalization of the Spanish architecture, in this case to hands of young studies.

The sample and the selection of exposed photographies compose a section in the time, flood of points equipotenciales, that might be ordained in different families, groups, tipologías, you climb or categories. But in all it emerges Michael de Guzmán’s look and I spray Rosemary, not only in the technical precision and impeccable execution of every image, but especially in his aptitude to turn every photography into a micro-story, in a history. ImagenSubliminal’s work comes out the necessary documentary condition of the photography of architecture to interfere positively in her and to blow her of life across the incorporation of a narrative vector. A vector that is expressed from the position of a few figures (that of subtle form seem to be carrying out always some action), the relation of the object photographed with the natural light and the moment of the day (listing always in some meaningful direction the perception of the object) and the own appearance of the architecture that, as principal personage of the action, he acquires in many occasions a corporeal, anthropomorphic presence.

It is this form in which the images produced by ImagenSubliminal transform in scenes in which the building is one more actor where there is prepared an event that seems to be always on the verge of taking place; and where the documentary, cold and distant character of so many photography of contemporary architecture meets defied by the creative interference of a chamber that does not resign itself to being a passive object and activating a sophisticated aparataje destined to turn the image into fiction.

The same fiction that Miguel de Guzmán and Rocío Romero they practise in other one of the technologies “it marks of the house”: the short videoes that are in the habit of accompanying on the photographic, real “short” articles that despliegan a small quasi-cinematographic script where they do appearance suspense, surprise and humor.

Trasforming the architecture in a script and to lodge the event; and to be established as alternative to the certainty of the documentary thing to insist, again, on the inevitably artificial, paradoxical and even oneiric nature inherent in the best architecture; is here part of ImagenSubliminal’s secret program.

ImagenSubliminal. Scenes of Spanish Architecture.
Exhibition in the Spanish Embassy in Japan.
On October 26, 2017 – November 16, 2017

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