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The historical hull of Santiago de Compostela was declared Heritage of the Humanity in 1985. Since then the Town hall has come promoting the rehabilitation, both public and deprived, of housings and buildings dotacionales and, in the last years, of the urban space. But even this way still black holes stay in the city; degraded environments, without a clear use or easy access.


Caramoniña is one of these places. One thinks, on the one hand, in the green belt that the historical hull surrounds for this. For other one, in the alley that communicates the above mentioned hull with the neighborhood of the Almáciga, placed in other one of the small hills that shape the city. The width of the mentioned alley, joined a difference of more than twenty meters, solved with independent bench-covers at present, limits the access and, consistently, his use.

The first action has to see with the resolution of the problems of accessibility between the different levels. When the slope allows it to us, the communication is solved by ramps within of the plot. When this is not possible, it appears directly from the exterior, since in the intermediate platform. There are facilitated this way a series of tours and zones of stay and relation between bench-covers, with splendid conference towards the historical city and good orientation southwest. A more short tour, with stairs, borders on the existing ruins.

The previous activity recovers by means of the insertion of a series of gardens. In the end, which polysport track or center of health, the urban garden has turned into one more civil endowment. To favor this activity, the left wells are renewed and connect with a superficial channel. And the intervention is completed by a lighting that he remembers, somehow, to the “campus stellae” that they see some in the origin of the name of the city. We expect to turn, in the near future, the ruins into greenhouse, bathroom and store of equipment.

We trust that the resolution of the problems of accessibility, together with the proposed activity, favors not only the sustainability of the action, but it improves sensitively the quality of life of the neighborhood.

Work: Huertas de Caramoniña
Location: Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain
Authors: Abalo Alonso arquitectos
Direction of work: Elizabeth Abalo, Gonzalo Alonso, architects
Collaborators: Roi Ríos, architect. Carlos Bóveda, calculation of structures. Gaia Enxeñería, calculation of facilities, Francisco Gonzalez, technical architect
Promoter: Concello de Santiago. Javier Fernandez, municipal architect in project. Diego Briega, municipal architect in work.
Construction: Copcisa. Delegate Javier Sal. Chiefs of work, I Spray Alonso, Julio Vendrell
Geotecnia and quality control: Euroconsult
Year: 2015
Topography: Xeotec
Budget: 348.000,00€
Surface of action: 2.650m2
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages

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