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Intervening on the already controlled integrates us in to develop of the building. We are not the first ones we nor will be the last ones. We preserve a few things, modify others, correct some mistake, eliminate some element, introduce some other one … Definitively, travel the third epoch of the Moure Hotel.

Two fundamental actions in ground floor. On the one hand a part is reduced in the entry to favor the accessibility. Both the ramp and the proposed steps generate the zone of receipt and wait without the classic counter. To the bottom there is perforated a court that polarizes the areas of stay, illuminates and ventilates them, blurs the border inside out. Four boxes of wood contain auxiliary services.

The first one, in lattice, the wind-shield. In a wings, a small office, the wardrobes of personnel, the elevator and a trade. In another wings, the take-off of the stairs, a small masculine and feminine store of suitcases, bathrooms and I officiate. The last box, to the bottom, conceals the stairs of access to the room of multiple uses and, under her, cupboards of support and a small integrated sofa. The installation of air conditioning passes for false ceiling, more under that the general, inside this one boxes, and only it demonstrates in the microtewels integrated to the break-down of the wood. The same break-down small windows join, of control the office, or of lighting shared with the bathrooms; of translucent glass in this case.

In the top floors an elevator and a small trade is added to the central existing core of communications. Six previous rooms diminish to four, two for front. Small contributions in a classic typology: the absence of door in the bathrooms, joined the game of mirrors or the prolongation of the ceramic pavement dilutes the limits. The bathrooms occupy the first one it was squeaking from access to the rooms, of side to side. This exposition joined the mirrors of the wash basin in a side and general in other one, wide and it multiplies virtually the space.

The intimacy solves with a door of translucent glass shared with the shower, that it allows us to tint the sights without losing the global conception of the space. To the being a rehabilitation the different bathrooms become personal depending on the preexistences, so much geometric as materials. Patinillos and cisterns form a luck of very useful niches in our case.

In most of rooms a small window introduces natural light in the zone of wash basin and connects visually with headboards or tables of support of the room in strict sense.

Solados and paraments are solved in all the cases by sandstone modulated in pieces of ten by ten centimeters, by the determining technical personnel demanded by the regulation in function if it is the soil of the shower, that of the rest of the bathroom or that of paraments and encimeras.

The sliding panels integrate the cupboards in the room; some of them even with the iceboxes or the desks. The headboards of the beds turn in encimeras into the bathrooms or tables of support close to the windows.

One works the espacialidad of the principal gallery in third plant or a small terrace in the first plant. Two singular rooms solve the plant bajocubierta and one of multiple uses the annexe to the bottom in the first one.

Work: Rehabilitation Moure Hotel

Location: Loureiros nº 6, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.

Authors: abalo alonso arquitectos. Elizabeth Abalo, Gonzalo Alonso

Collaborators: Francisco González Varela, technical architect,Carlos Bóveda, architect, calculation of structures.

Inaec Ingeniería, facilities, Manuel Sanmartín, René Valiñas, José Noya, architects.

Project date: 2008

Completion dates : 2010

Budget of work: 933.244,29 €

Promoter: Hermanos Liñares Bar

Construction company: Kúpula. Delegate: Javier Corcoba, Chief of work: Beatriz Ventoso

Phtography: Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages



· Accesit XIV Premios Colexio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia 2011. Santiago

· Selected XI Bienal de Arquitectura Española 2011. Madrid

· Finalist V Premios Enor 2011. Vigo

· Selected Fad Award 2011. Barcelona

· Honor Rehabilitación’s mention. Premios Veteco Asefave 2012. Madrid

· Long List Wan Awards 2013. London, UK

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