History in the making

Arne Jacobsen, one of the world’s most famous architects within furniture design, shows us history in the making.

The cooperation between Arne Jacobsen (1902 – 1971) and Fritz Hansen dates back to 1934. But in was in 1952 the break-through came with the Ant™. It was succeeded by the Series 7™ in 1955. This propelled his and Fritz Hansen’s names into furniture history. Arne Jacobsen was very productive both as an architect and as a designer.

At the end of the 50s Arne Jacobsen designed the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, and for that project he designed the Egg™, the Swan™, the Swan™ sofa and Series 3300™ as well. Arne Jacobsen was and is an admired and outstanding designer.

While the significance of Arne Jacobsen’s buildings was less appreciated, his furniture and other design work have become national and international heritage.

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