Hábitat Social · Cooperativa Galega

Hábitat Social · Cooperativa Galega

Hábitat Social is a Galician cooperative integrated by a heterogeneous group of professionals, essentially of the areas of the architecture, the urbanism and the social sciences, with the intention of investigating and intervening in the complex reality that we live.

In Hábitat Social, we bet for bringing together the personal commitment with the professional to try, from the automanagement and the labor autonomy, the most just company based on the community balanced development.

Hereby, we centre on the social construction of the habitat, in order to improve the relations between the persons and of these with the way, natural or constructed. We do it working with the physical matter and with the human dynamics, taking part actively in the processes, coordinating the implied agents and promoting the protagonism of the persons.

Which has been your formation and professional path before Social Habitat?

The formation and professional path of the persons that we take part in the cooperative is heterogeneous enough and the self-taught majority of the times. Our relation as informal group, begins in groups of voluntary work inside critical initiatives and denunciation, under the network of social rights (www.rede.blogaliza.org) or in diverse community centers of the city of A Coruña.

Did you appear in some moment, present, past or future, to look for work abroad?

For us the area of action is not anything chance. We act where we think that we can realize a complex analysis of the reality to propose actions that give him response. In this respect, it turns out to be to us simpler to act in our environment for familiarity. Also we have been employed at other contexts, but always after an intense phase of approximation and study.

On the other hand we are interested in being employed at the country for commitment with the same one. We believe that it is important that initiatory of critical nature they end up as the same one, though in the socioeconomic context through that we live it is not specially easy put them into practice.

What did you lead to starting this project?

We chase to give support to interests and searches in which we were immersed and which they were removing from that one that the academy had taught us as the correct profession of the architecture.

Topics as the critical mapeo, the civil participation or processes of fight against the speculation were the explosive ones of our common work, which is prospering with other subject matters as the time happens, lately the natural construction, or the support in processes of emancipation across the habitat.

On the other hand, the search of a legal exact formula to our functioning asambleario horizontal respecting our managerial vision based on the value of the work as good of use and not of change, pushing us to activate the cooperative formula as tool of community work.

Did you meet many difficulties in his putting in march?

We are conscious that many of our inquetudes do not have a demand for the most part in our company and this forces us to do an effort in which they have to see with the diffusion and the pedagogy. It is because of it that great part of what we do has to see with processes of communication and workshops of formation. In any case, we believe that this fault of demand is related (as in many other areas) with the rachitic offer and the lack of a critical widespread conscience, though we trust that the depletion of the social, economic and environmental model in which we exist, will propitiate that they arise other way of living more respectful with the land and the persons.

Are you satisfied by the reached aims?

Though our managerial initiative does not have sufficient path as to do balance sheet, we have begun to receive different contacts in response to the initiatives that we have promoted; we see grows a demand that looks for other ways of living, of constructing, or of relating to the way.

Do you believe that the architects in Spain we should open new routes of work to go out of the “most “traditional” cabin of projecting given the current situation of the construction in our country?

Certainly, and not from an optics of the corporate interest if not for professional commitment and for recovering the function of public service of the profession. It is a question of survival for the group the fact of having a real social usefulness; it is not any more that to think about the distance that it took us up to the image of nowadays we have between the company.

What do you think of those that they have been going to work abroad?

The disbandment of people who is suffering the country makes us sad; principally if we speak about critical people capable of transforming the reality into positive. With any case we understand that the current context is more complex, and the inconvinient precariousness.

Hábitat Social · Cooperativa Galega

March 2013

Interview realized by Ana Barreiro Blanco and Alberto Alonso Oro. Be grateful for the equipment of Habitat Social, both his help and his predisposition showed with this small space.

Alberto Alonso Oro

Arquitecto y editor en veredes, arquitectura y divulgación. Invernalia es un buen lugar. A veces escribo en Fundacion Arquia.

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