Living and transforming the reality

The architecture and the design impress enormously the life of the persons, something that is not of be surprising when both disciplines have a sociological and anthropologic forceful background.

In this respect, the book Living and to transforming the reality (2013) by Jose Juan Garza Cavazos, illustrates and gathers projects of architecture and design that express a dialectical white of egg, being extreme currents inside the flow of many more, that it offers us a panorama of the current importance and challenges the reader to taking to a position.

The author takes the initiative to question the own practice from the interior revealing the lack of sustenance of the theoretical background of the current architecture. The name of the book is born of the idea of that all the human beings we have the aptitude to live the space, as what in essence also there is had the possibility of transforming the reality through that we live, already be in a conscious or unconscious way, in tuning in with the own passage of time.

The book is published under the publishing stamp The Orange Publishers and can be acquired directly by the author or in local bookshops in Monterrey.

Living and transforming the reality
José Juan Garza Cavazos
La Naranja Editores, 2013

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