Germán Samper: the path of an architect

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In addition to Germán Samper‘s day-to-day portrait of the professional practice and the activities related to this exercise as his permanent record and study of the places he visits through the drawing and as a lecturer and professor, the documentary includes the story of himself Germán Samper of the most outstanding moments of his professional life in more than sixty years of career in the trade, told in a simple and spontaneous way while offering the viewer a tour of some of his most outstanding projects.

The documentary records his interest in the construction of cities and shows the most important ideas behind the projects. Accompanying this recount is a series of interviews with architects of different generations, professionals of the guild and academics who highlight outstanding aspects of their professional activity accompanied by testimonies of the residents of some of their housing projects. His family life and his great fondness for music are also protagonists.

Made by his youngest daughter, the documentary shows the different facets of a life dedicated to the exercise of architecture, an exercise performed with great vitality, continuously and permanently, in which there is always room to learn. Enriched graphically with his drawings, which have been a fundamental part of his training as an architect, thinker and designer of spaces, this documentary rescues for memory his role as a fundamental actor in the development of modern Colombian architecture.

Germán Samper: The Path of an architect.
Direction: Carlos Mario Urrea.
Production: Catalina Samper.

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