Gaudí 2nd World Congress, Barcelona 2016


From October 4 to October 7, 2016 the Historical Building of the Universitat of Barcelona will receive the Second World Congress on Gaudí (Gaudí 2nd World Congress, Barcelona 2016), a biennial event organized by The Gaudí Research Institute together with the Universitat of Barcelona, where Antoni Gaudí received the Architect’s title 1878.

This second edition has taken as an innovation the incorporation of three days of meetings in Shanghai (21-23 June), in collaboration with several Chinese universities cone that of Tsinghua and the support of the Town hall of Shanghai.

So much in Shanghai like Barcelona the congress enjoys the full journalistic and television coverage of the national Chinese service Cultural Average China Group.

During the congress there will visualize the first works undertaken by the Chair UB – Antoni Gaudí that, under the direction of the Dr. Adolfo Sotelo Vázquez, show the leadership and the collaboration of the Universitat de Barcelona and The Gaudí Research Institute in the consolidation of the investigation and the diffusion in the environment of this brilliant multidisciplinary architect. The thematic chair UB – Antoni Gaudí possesses the sponsorship of He Learns Formation (group IMF) and of Gaudí Barcelona Project, the one who also is the promoter of the Second World Congress on Gaudí.

The aim to bring this congress over in the Asia is to leave witness of the great task that has been done in this continent about Gaudí’s figure, so much in the slope of diffusion as of investigation. For this motive, they will take part in the congress principal Asian personalities of the world of the arts and the architecture There make, Kuo Chao He reads, Tokutoshi Torii since Di’an, C. Y. Lee. Under the presidency of honor of the Dra. Benedetta Tagliabue they will be seen parade to more reputats expert in Gaudí (Jordi Bonet, Maria Antonietta Crippa, Conrad Kent, Luis Gueilburt, Rainer Graefe, Leonid Demjanov, Alberto T. Estévez, Salvador Tarragó, Jan Molema, Arnau Puig, Ana Maria Ferrin, Beatrix Froïs and others) together with personalities of a fifty universities and institutions as for example the UNESCO, the International Advice of the Monuments and Historical Places (ICOMOS) or Sites and Modern Neighborhoods of the Movement (Docomomo). Though it will not be the exclusive topic, the Second World Congress on Gaudí will centre on the Park Güell and Tower Bellesguard, and they will present the most recent investigations on these jewels of the humanity to end and effect of guaranteeing the conservation. To the respect, the Dr. Berthold Burkhardt, member of Germany to the UNESCO, will give a magisterial lessons.

Investigators in mechanical and IT architecture, mathematics, geometry, astronomy, engineerings, between others, will present presentations novedoses. This way, the investigator Xavier Jové and an equipment of prestigious forensic, supported for his works for the FBI and Interpol, will present some unpublished images related to Gaudí, between them a portrait of youth done to the Ravine of Barcelona and that reveals the controversial color of his eyes and of his hair. The biographer gaudiniano Josep Maria Tarragona will reveal Gaudí’s unpublished work in Gràcia’s neighborhood of Barcelona. The expert daliniano Nicolas Descharnes will treat of the relation between two universal geniuses: Gaudí and Salvador Dalí. Groups of investigation of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili will present innovative and unpublished investigations on Palau Güell and the Sacred Family of Barcelona. The Catalonia Film library collaborates in the congress as subseu with two interesting special meetings.

The UB already received the October, 2014 the first world congress dedicated to Antoni Gaudí, with near 350 assistants of the whole world, between which there were investigators and experts of great prestige. This year, honoring will yield itself to three of the principal collaborators in these events, penetrated 2015: the architects Frei Otto y Josep M. Bosch Aymerich, and the engineer Ricard Morell Viñas.

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