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Rehabilitation of a former military barrack, placed on the historical wall, for headquarters of the Luís Seoane Foundation. They take advantage of the traces of the existing building, with his court opened as central reference of the whole offer, creating suitable enclosures of exhibition and activity, establishing narrow links between all of them, his immediate environment and the public space of the city.

“The artist is a man, I do not know if with the sensibility sharper than other men, but if with the most suitable and deep language that the others to express the happiness, the distress and also the pleasure, if it exists, of the moment in which it lives… In the art, since in any other human activity, only seemingly setbacks take place, and the past does not exist but as expression, as history, as anything dead, to which we, in the present we give life”.

(Luís Seoane, Anotaciones sobre la creación artística, 1951)

Because of it to conceive a museum in which Luís Seoane’s figure is going to be present only can have the most entire, strongest and revolutionary local ties, in order that they accompany well-deservedly to the idea, to the creative impulse, always freely.

To take advantage of the keys of the existing building and of his environment to be able to define the new aim: to create suitable enclosures of exhibition for a museum today and to establish a narrow link between all this and the public space of the city, taking advantage and recovering the historical traces that still perviven, especially emphisizing in those who connect exterior and interior, as the wall, the walls, the pavements and the props of stone. There is a fundamental element in the building that exemplifies this idea: the opened court, spatial reference of the whole offer.

West is liberated to the building of his tie in the front … there is created a high space, a furniture of flagstones of stone where the services of reception place and from that rapidly there are seen the rooms of temporary exhibitions, the vertical communications and the court … hereby the public space can penetrate in the building and, opening the foyer, to manage to cross it. Visually this concept is always present by means of transparencies and glass screens…

The corner sought to open North-East him for the sights and to take advantage of his position as zone of rest …

It proposes to recover the tour in the environment of the wall, the disappearance of the building of Headquarters of Health and in his place to create a porch by means of a wall of stone with banks that a forest of poplars encloses …

Work: Luís Seoane Foundation

Authors: Juan Creus and Covadonga Carrasco

Collaborators: Francisco Rosell, Felipe Riola, Félix Suárez (structure), J. Luís García (direction work)

Promoter: Ayuntamiento de Coruña

Construction: Ferrovial / Agroman (Felipe López – work Chief)

Location: c/ San Francisco s/n 15001 A Coruña, Galicia, Spain

Project date: 2000

Prject end date: 2003

Surface: Surface parcels: 1.793 m2 / constructed Surface: 3.460 m2

Introduction photography: Vari Caramés

Photography:  Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages



Prizes: 1 º Reward contest of ideas. The XIth I Reward COAG of rehabilitation

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