Foros 2012. Modos de Ver. Bosch.Capdeferro. Microclimas, Microcosmos

The architects Ramon Bosch and Bet Capdeferro, recognized with the Special Mention Emergent Architect in the Prizes Mies Van der Rohe of Contemporary Architecture of the European Union 2011, will give a conference on his vision of the architecture next Tuesday, the 28th of February in the frame of the  “Foros ESARQ 2012: Maneras de Ver”.

Ramon Bosch and Bet Capdeferro will give a presentation under the title Microclimas, Microcosmos. The appointment, which will be opened the public, will take place at 16:00 in the assembly hall of the Campus Barcelona of the UIC and will serve to debate and to think about the architectural current reality, from the experience and the projects of the own lecturers.

Exponents of an architecture specialized in residential projects, of rehabilitation and works of interiorismo, Bosch-Capdeferro consider to be essential that ” the projects should be capable of incorporating the unforeseen thing ” and, specify, ” the chance, the domestic thing, the blemish, the improvisation and, even, the mistake form a part positive and definitoria of the process proyectual and constructivly “.

Title: Microclimas, Microcosmos

Date: Tuesday on February 28, 2012 Hour: 16.00h

Hour: 16.00h

Location: ESARQ-UIC (Aula Magna -C/Immaculada, 22, 08017 Barcelona-)

Organize: ESARQ‐UIC (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de la Universitat Internacional de Catalunya)

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