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‘Forms of design. Galicia XXI’, aims to build a story from the present of the creative potential of Galicia in the field of design. The idea is to project what is being done while keeping an eye on the mirror, to review what has been achieved from a symbolic point of view: the publication of the Formas de Galicia Laboratory Manifesto published in 1970, which among its first Actions included the rebirth of the Sargadelos factory and the creation of the Carlos Maside Art Museum. Thus, the exhibition has two parts: an introduction in those three decades of awakening and modernization, from the early seventies to the last nineties, when a series of design professionals started working in Galicia with an awareness of being designers. and designers; and a main body that coincides with the turn of the millennium and which represents a generational change with the incorporation of a generation of Galician designers and designers already trained in Galicia into the labor market.

As a complement and starting point of the exhibition, which takes place to a large extent in the rooms of the Auditorium of Galicia, the DIDAC Foundation exhibits tapestries and cards designed by Luis Seoane and Mª Elena Montero, forty years after these were presented at the gallery Citania of Santiago de Compostela, and never shown together since 1979. Precisely, it is one of the tapestries, as well as other works of Isaac Díaz Pardo and Luis Seoane and their achievements in the rebirth of the factory of Sargadelos, that open the exhibition in the rooms of the Auditorium of Galicia.

Forms of design. Galicia XXI is not a sample of new creative and creative, but design proposals that were made in recent decades. Thus, although the show focuses on designers and designers who gained visibility already into the 21st century, to give continuity to the research and shown in The Creation of the necessary. Approximations to the design of the XX century in Galicia (2004), exhibition held at the MARCO of Vigo fifteen years ago, Forms of design. Galicia XXI also pays attention to the designers and designers who had been working with rigor and continued to work at the turn of the century, among others, Ventura Cores; Xosé Díaz; Pepe Barro, Lía Santana and Xosé Salgado of the Review Group; Eloy Lozano; Francisco Mantecón; Miguel Vigo; Manuel Janeiro; Alberte Permuy; Xosé María Torné; Uqui Permui; Nuria Carballo; Faust Isorna; Esteban Carballido or the DD Workshop and Signum Design studios, among others, as well as the architects and architects Alberto Noguerol and Pilar Díez, Jesús Irisarri and Guadalupe Piñera, León López de la Osa or the pioneer Xosé Bar Boo, who will have in the design a fundamental field of action.

In the decade of 2000 new designers and designers appear, with a very heterogeneous formation and that, in most of the cases, have their starting point in Galicia. Of course, there are many who will develop their career or a large part of it, such as the paradigmatic case of Tomás Alonso, as well as others like Iván Mato, Eli Alonso, Marta Bordes, Isaac Piñeiro or Miguel Leiro. Decades earlier, the Galician Víctor Moscoso will work on his psychedelic design for musical promoters of the Californian sphere. Among those who will have Galicia as the axis of their creations stood out industrial design and product teams such as FrutoDS or Cenlitrosmetrocadrado, Lois Guillán, architects also focused on furniture design such as Luis Gil Gallina and Cristina Nieto and their work with UnDo ReDo, rvr- architects, domohomo or Sofía Blanco, as well as designers more linked to the craft tradition such as Elías Cueto, Lago: Monroy, Oitenta or Arturo Álvarez. It is precisely where the design and the artisan process are mixed -values that were already in the experiences of Bauhaus or Ulm and more closely in Sargadelos-, where proposals like Idoia Cuesta, Elena Hierro, Marta Armada, Ojea stand out Studio, Verónica Moar, Noroeste Obradoiro, Degerónimo, Anna Champeney and Rosa Méndez.

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Forms of design. Galicia XXI also affects how the end of the nineties the digitalization changed the way of working. In recent years, social networks have definitely changed our way of looking at the environment, of situating ourselves in it. It is time for new professional profiles, such as those of the multimedia designer Marta Verde. On the other hand, a large number of artists who derived their work to the world of design in recent years. In Galicia is the case of Juan Cidrás, Salvador Cidrás and Vicente Blanco, who channeled their creative energy from ceramics and tapestries under the name of Formabesta. Other artists who touch the field of design are Montse Rego in the field of fashion; Misha Bies Golas making album covers; Pablo Barreiro and Mauro Trastoy investigating the ceramic possibilities; or Manuel Vázquez and Alberto Barreiro in strategic design. The illustration applied to the design will also stand out thanks to Nuria Díaz.

Although Forms of design. Galicia XXI is based on the work of the designers and designers -in some of the cases showing author’s designs with little commercial outlet-, the last part of the sample affects exclusively the integration of the design in the world of the company, once that the advance of the design takes place parallel to the development of the industry and the economy of a place. In this sense, in addition to the works of some of the aforementioned designers, this section includes those of other designers and agencies such as Bap & Conde, Quattro idcp, Koolbrand, 100 x 100 Creativity + Communication, Image, Otiiplanet, Ekinocio or Tony Lee Brand, among others.

Project produced by the Auditorium of Galicia (City of Santiago de Compostela) and the DIDAC Foundation.

Curated by: David Barro and Mónica Maneiro

From February 20 to June 23, 2019
Auditorium of Galicia
Avenue of Burgo das Nacións s / n
15704 Santiago de Compostela

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