Fetsac 13 [summons]

Fetsac’s organizacón 13 starts one more year, in his fifth edition, with always present intention of being consolidated as modal of the cultural celebrated activities every year in the Technical Top School of Architecture of To Corunna (ETSAC). For the first time, we want to open a period of participation in that both lecturers and tutors of workshops or activities could present his offers and form a part of the cartel Festac 13 The summons it is destined to students or professionals of any discipline who could contribute to the pupils of the ETSAC an additional formation to which they receive every day in the school. In short, and continuing with our beginning, the fetsac there look people who loves what it does, and that in addition, it wants to share with us.

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Búsqueda para satisfacer el conocimiento de la actividad arquitectónica y tangentes que se generan. La idea es crear un espacio para divulgar los diversos proyectos en busca de nueva inspiración y de intercambio.

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