Fernando Moreno Barberá, architect

He was a Spanish architect of the Modern Movement, specifically of the third generation. After his training in Germany, he stood out especially for the profusion and quality of his teaching architecture, promoted by the Law on Secondary and Professional Education (1949), although like the vast majority of European architects he also dedicated a section of his production to the reflection on housing (social, private blocks and single-family houses).

Fernando Moreno Barberá generated his own formal universe, nuanced by introducing references to the local and characterized by the continuous overlapping of themes and ideas developed previously; that is to say, a personal reading of the contributions of the Modern Movement in accordance with its perception of modern abstraction, its formation, technical availability, the characteristics of the place, the emphasis on construction and its particular idea of the proportion in the final image of the project.

Throughout his career, following in the wake of the great masters, he experimented with new possibilities such as modern monumentalism, organicism or brutalism, but never forgetting the functionalism and the material and technical issues that are the hallmark of his work.

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