Fast Wood Festival 2015

Workshop of construction with wood. .
Valencia, 27 Jul-02 Aug 2015

Fast Wood Festival is a workshop of construction in wood, where to learn to be employed the wood at a summer environment. Across different activities, we will make our own furniture, will construct scenes where to show all our art and will take part in a joint project of major importance. This year we go away to Valencia to a camping in The Mar’s first line.

Fast Wood Festival is born of the initiative of three persons, two architects and a publicist with a passion in the design, the free air and the holiday. The festival shares an interest got mad about the architecture, the urbanism and the art, with the intention of creating an annual multidisciplinary meeting, in which to promote the expression, amusement and creation. All this connected with diverse thematic activities on which to experiment with the colors, the music and the interpretation with which to attract people with creative spirit and artistic worries that want to form a part of the process of transformation of a singular space.


Fast Wood Festival 2015

This year, Fast Wood Festival appears in a beach place, where the water, the coast and the breeze marinades, be protagonists of the constructions that we are going to do. It will take place in a coastal camp of Valencia, where to be able to enjoy between pinegroves of the Sun and of the water.

-PROJECT SCENE: As last year, we will start by experiencing the work with wood with the construction of furnitures simply: the Chair Oaxaca and the Taburet; but also we will embark in the construction Floating Scene of Madeira being employed at the first line of beach.

-SERVICES AND FACILITIES: We will Have bathroom, showers and the own services of a camping for the best enjoyment. In addition there are supermarkets, bars, restaurant, etc.


Construction of the floating scene
Construction of your furniture
Transfer’s workshop in wood
Theatre participative amateur
Water color
Ceremony of closing (prizes FWF)



FWF is an autofinanced and independent festival. This year, there have been organized 3 types of stays, one of 7 days, to live THROUGH FWF in all his essence from Monday until Sunday, other one of 5 days, and the last one of weekend. He remembers that in three types, for only representing, you will take your own chair – table to yourself to house.

Inside the price it is included: the housing in the camping and all his services (swimming pool, WC, the first line of sea, etc ..), the wood of construction, the tools of work, insurance of responsibility and a packaging FWF with everything necessary for the activities of the festival.

7 days

(Mon 27-Sun 2)

5 days

(Wen 29-Sun 2)

2 days

(Fri.31-dom 2)

From April 15 to

May 15


129 €/pack


99 €/pack


69 €/pack

From May 15 to

June 15


149 €/pack


115 €/pack


79 €/pack

From June 15 to

July 21


169 €/pack


135 €/pack


99 €/pack


The readers of veredes have a discount of 5 % in the entry, for it simply they will have to cover in the paragraph of the inscription in the field “how they us have known” the source of the information in this case “veredes”, and will obtain the discount “.

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