Fanzine APROXIMACIONS. nº1. CONS (conos)

There goes out the first number of the magazine APROXIMACIONS, edited by a group of 15 equipments of young Catalan architects. APROXIMACIONS, is a summary of reflections and ideas on since intervening in the constructed environment, the landscape and the public space from the architecture. In every number one proposes a topic asks to which every equipment answers of individual form, obtaining multiple personal answers to a common worry.

In this first number “CONS” (CONES), 12 offers are gathered directed to obtaining a public space of quality with the minimal intervention, simply using a few cones. They take part:
05 AM arquitectura
Albert Carcereny CMAC
Amaya Martínez
Anna & Eugeni Bach
El globus vermell
H arquitectes
Taller 9s Arquitectes
udeu arquitectura
Vora arquitectura

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