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The architecture has discurrido from his origins with the paradoja of the duality between the closing and the structure portante. Of a similar way to which find in the classical physics with the light and the disquisition wave-particle.

During centuries both elements have been the same thing, that is to say, together have conformed the walls of the buildings without main ambitions. And these have fulfilled with both missions. Closing and sustaining.

During long the question of segregar and, therefore, to show figurativamente the closing like something independent of the structure portante has been unnecessary. The technical systems used and the leadership of the decorative systems tied to the expression of the different styles have enturbiado any dialectic possibility between both.

Only in those moments in which new technical and materials of construction did his apparition have been able to assist to a desmembramiento intentional of the two components murales. The invention of the Gothic in the half age or the utilisation of the iron in the 19th century, first in horizontal (Europe) and afterwards in vertical (America), went moments in which they gave  steps of giant in the evolution thanks to understanding, between other things, that both elements could and had to be separate.

The modern revolution could freeze  in the drawing of the house dominated of LC. Where the pillars, by art of magic, delayed  of the external line of the forged and, such gesture, allowed to understand as “free” so much the façade like the plant.

The classic styles agonized opposite to the transcendency of the dichotomy. The decorative questions went on to a background and the physical distancing between both principal protagonists finished with any attempt of recovering the wall art.

Of that one already a lot of time ago. The 20th century has been very cyclical, and very pertinacious.

As the current architecture was happening in the modern physics with the quantum mechanics it is not at all reduccionista. The dual segregation that once allowed to open ways of brightness is today a learned lesson and does not have very much crossed beyond his aptitude to guarantee stylistic resources.

Already in the 21st century the fronts, again, are allowed to be structural. And such a “certainly “natural” mechanism of the architecture opens new fields of interpretation.

Notions like the porosity, the disintegration, or the solidity fill the most creative and innovative brains of the international panorama.

Walls, yes walls again, that pliegan, bow, are perforated, are tightened, licúan, empty … there shape the fronts more (im)portants.

The walls ambles can be structural fabrics. More or less transparent. More or less dense. But the separation of functions is not already so relevant.

Nowadays the present matters more than the future.

The erotic one of the showiness gives the orders on the mysticism of the evolution.

Everything returns.

Sergio de Miguel, arquchitect
Madrid, february 2010

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