Exposición GALICIA 25. Una cultura para un nuevo siglo.

The Consello of Culture Galega recalls the «chronicle do that are» of the last ones 25 años.Abarca architecture and identity, environmental culture, communication, design and industry, cómic… From a dictatorship that a political system oppressor caused, until the democracy based on the right plurality and in the full recognition of freedoms that has arrived until our days. 25 years is an enough wide period in which the Galician society has changed his image by the roots. For this reason, giving to know is the objective of the exhibition Galicia 25. Unha culture for a novo século, one shows that has toured the main Galician cities and is found distributed in 25 modules that invite the visitor to ponder on the Galician culture.

It covers architecture and identity, environmental culture, communication, design and industry, cómic, the society of the knowledge, sounds, words, the holiday of the youngest ones, the book, images and fictions, performing arts and different possibilities and different presences of Galicia in the world. These topics that discovers Galicia 25. Unha culture for a novo século are presented structured in «ways and spaces», «words, images and sounds» and «threads and challenges».it shows Her has been fulfilled in collaboration with Caixanova and the Xunta de Galicia and it is part of the calendar of events organized by the Consello gives Culture Galega (CCG) to commemorate his first fourth of century of life in a «chronicle do that are, do that fomos construíndo between all ao longo destas marries three decades that se estudan». The exhibition already has dropped over cities such as a Vigo, Pontevedra, Ferrol, Santiago de Compostela, Orense or Lugo, but it will not be until arriving to La Coruña where it will put on point and end to his periplo for the community at the end of January 2010.

Reflection on the culture

From the CCG, an organism that such as a main task has the reflection on the culture in the offing of the defense and promotion of the values own, remark that the end of the exhibition happens for «moving for the maximum possible places in Galicia and abroad», a measure that a «good investment needs in money, people and material».In Ramón Villares’s words, president of the CCG, Galicia 25. Unha culture for a novo século «é unha mensaxe of future and unha expression gives pluralidade and do polycentrism gives culture galega» that tours the last ones 25 years of the community. Ramón Villares pointed out, with regard to this culture, that is «the substantial element of the identity of the country, as well as a decisive component in the set-up of Galicia of the Autonomy». For the commissioner of the exhibition, Victor F. Freixanes, Galicia 25. Unha culture for a novo século «é a showcase gives culture galega, to imaxe dun afoot country that have something that dicir and quere dicilo, unha culture and a language with capacidade to have a conversation and interact with outras cultures and outros languages in igualdade of condicións, sen arrogances and sen complexos».

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