Entropy recreates a condition limit between the balance and the random order. The movement, the transformation and the relation of the spectator with the explanatory space take a basic paper and turn into latent elements of the exhibition. Miguélez’s work raises a ” subjective displacement ” in which dislocations take place between what we might consider on one hand: one ” espacialidad codified ” (in certain tipologías edilicias for example), for other one, a look in symbolic key on the nature. Lights and shades. Prisms, triangles and perspectives. Interiors and exteriors coexisting in his ambiguity … relations not explored between “light” (conscience, spirit, form) and “surface” (material, body, figures), fixed images and in movement that is unrolled in an endless ” spatial event “, of which they inform equally the body and the mind in different and complex levels that, somehow, they propose to our assent that every architectural “constructo” is, as John Rajchman suggests: a “complication” or ” abstract operational ” (not exclusively mental but “virtual”) that precedes his materialization and for ende the physical – mental experience of the space. Marcos Miguélez departs from a position with regard to the architecture comparable to that of sculptors, as Gordon Matta Clark, Dan Graham or more recently Rachel Whiteread, in the sense of showing across his paintings, videoes and facilities those plastic and narrative possibilities that the architecture – as seemingly autonomous discipline-, he was not considering or was doing it in a secondary way; which, it re-constitutes it to our eyes of an unthinkable way, but simultaneously familiar.

MARCOS MIGUELEZ he presents his first individual exhibition in the Gallery Vertex of Oviedo. The sample, which gathers works realized expressly for this exhibition and work developed from 2008, is inaugurated on Thursday, the 29th of September, to them 19:30h. Licensed in architecture for the Technical University of Barcelona, it extends his formation in the field of the art to create an analytical speech and creative environment to the relation of the man with the space. His work unifies languages of the art and the architecture to produce works of different formats like facilities, sculptures, models, painting, video and graphical work. It initiates his professional path collaborating with Enric Masip (embaarquitectos) and with the study Arquitectura-G in Barcelona. In his educational labor it has given classes, workshops and conferences for the University Elisava of Barcelona and for León’s University. In 2009 it founds his own study, LARC (Laboratory of Architecture and Contemporary Art), with headquarters in Barcelona and Ponferrada (León), from where it develops his own path. It has informed with his work in exhibitions and events in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Corunna, León, Oviedo …

F. Javier Panera Cuevas
Director of the DA2 (Domus Artium 2002 de Salamanca).

Galeria Vertice
Oviedo [Spaña]
Exposed work: Painting, sculpture, video and installation. Room 0.
29 September · On November 12, 2011.

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