Between landscapes

Ignasi said to me ” you will like It, I leave it you “. And it happens often that a book appears in the just moment… I explain. New unjustifiable road. I try to make myself strong and to feel less. Impossible. Angry and aching, as Joan Nogué says I imagine revenges and curses. And the A-27 appears. This one hurts very much because it is the stupid highway, because I see her to grow in parallel to a road that already existed, because it is ostentatious, broad and invasive, because I follow his track for too much and because there is crisis and the fact that it must pay the aslfalto it must not have money and the work to get longer and to be lengthened and this not finishing to be a torture for the one that looks. And I see an article and the sublime “director” of work speaks. That is a totally necessary and justifiable work since it will allow to the user to save ten minutes of tour. Gentlemen, we continue in the age trogloditica in that big and rapid it was associating to development with attached plaudit. If, if, already that is the money the one that gives the orders. That I am innocent but not stupid. The highway Tarragona – Mont Blanc that, I hallucinate, already is in Wikipedia and if I am not wrong there goes out in google maps a chunk that still is a land and I empty of olive trees. Subliminal marketing or torture of get screwed up?


Clara Nubiola

+ article is published in los vacios urbanos

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