Enric miralles 1972-2000

Miralles’s architecture has an unequivocal background: to measure to the discipline with to develop. For it, it is not of surprising that the reflection on the time is the conductive thread of his work. Implicit and provocative time when Blanchot was announcing that, in the recollection, the past was liberated. Miralles like that, a student asks him to clarify what deals per time, answers:

“[…] I deal the physical time that obtains in a certain place … When you start working the first question being done it is which is the nature of the moment in which you begin? It does not imply continuity with the past. If you believe that the past is an aspect of the future, at the time you would be surprised what you can do”.

This presence of the time in the activity of the architect that Miralles develops has a predictable end:

“A project does not close dialogs: always it leaves unfinished things, because it is impossible to solve them and because this way it is better. The dialog can be summarized in the near project recovering lost ends, being employed with them at the time. The duration of the project is penetrated from one to other one, with invisible relations and secret reasons that continue existing” .

Miralles wanted to represent this to develop into his projects and enunciated it without ambiguities:

“In the Parliament of Edinburgh we are interested in supporting this species of quake.”

Colection: arquia/temas

Nº colection: 33

Theme: Work

Year of Edition: 2011

Format: 24 x 22

Pages: 409

Language: Spanish

Ilustrations: b/n and color

ISBN: 978-84-939409-0-4

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