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Santiago in the “little house” (his house and study) explains to us how they were his beginnings in Seville. The public use of the city, the search of lots capable of use, the legality opposite to the illegality. Undoubtedly a great lesson of urbanism and social reason of which we should learn all.

This piece shows the base of a work in network in which several groups and persons are involved. How a called ” social agitator “, “architect occupies” and other many names used by the means, nothing starts being employed from at his city, with a few precarious means and with the support of a social small mass, which for different situations, always daily, meets stimulated to resort to slightly habitual means of protest inside a company governed by those who suppress and restrict the freedom to the citizens.

Dirección: Guillermo Cruz

Montaje: Miriam Martínez

Montaje de sonido: Enrique G. Bermejo

Música: Jose Arce & Sara Perkins

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